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Often Overlooked Essays in Écrits: "On a Purpose"

Often Overlooked Essays in Écrits: "On a Purpose"

Here’s a little episode on a little essay in Écrits with lots of iconic themes strung throughout: Truth, language, and the unconscious, triangulated at the level of the signifier, and thus the subject as well… How need conditions demand, and vice versa, setting the stage for castration… What, exactly, the non-of-the-father prohibits… Dreams of wholeness, nightmares of being torn apart… And, of course, why we’re more like worms than horses.

Best of all in this episode, though, is our collaboration with the artist Jerry Paper, secret lover of psychoanalysis, on the new theme music for our podcast! Mountain-high thanks to them for letting us sample one of their earlier releases — titled “Time Spent Waiting,” no less — and slather it with Lacan theory and technique! Here’s the full track, for your listening pleasure — nay, enjoyment: