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Anxiety (Seminar X), Episode 1

Anxiety (Seminar X), Episode 1


With the winter holidays fast approaching, and perhaps some angsty family dynamics as well, it seems like a particularly good time to launch our new podcast series on . . . a n x i e t y .

As many of you know, Lectures on Lacan began at the behest of an intrepid group of clinical psychology doctoral students, all of whom attended my summer 2021 seminar on “The Subversion of the Subject and the Dialectic of Desire” at Pacifica Graduate Institute — the same doctoral seminar which yielded the first seven episodes of this podcast!

From here, we turned to Lacan’s iconic, early-1960s seminar on Anxiety (Seminar X), generating 18+ hours of recorded lectures and many new diagrams, formulas, and mathemes. It’s these materials — or at least the audio files — that will make up our new podcast series on anxiety.

Since all of these materials on Seminar X were developed in a live lecture series, I expect it’ll be tricky at times to follow along with the audio recordings alone, so all of the original videos, diagrams, formulas, and mathemes will remain accessible on our Linktree, just in case you need them.

And with that, on to the podcast! Here’s the first episode — along with an image of the diagram we developed in the original session:

If you’d like to purchase the complete series on Anxiety (Seminar X), including 18+ hours of video-recorded lectures and all of the diagrams, formulas, and mathemes we developed along the way, you can do so here:

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